LAMY METALWORKS is a local Vietnamese company that specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication.

We have inherited the technology and know-how from Maruju Corporation, a long-established Japanese precision sheet metal manufacturer established in 1931, and under the management of Japanese who worked at Maruju, we realize Japanese quality at local prices.

Here is an overview of what LAMY METALWORKS makes and the fields in which we provide value.


There are no borderlines.

Our precision sheet metal products are used by clients in a wide variety of industries.

With the quality we inherited from our Japanese partners and the competitive cost in Vietnam, we will do our best to help you.

LAMY METALWORKS - Business Overview

Main fields we provide parts for

Transportation equipments, medical equipments, semiconductor manufacturing equipments, various robot parts, inspection equipments, rail vehicles, construction equipments, factory equipments

Main materials handled

Iron: SS400, SPCC/HC, SECC/HC, SGCC/HC (plate thickness: t1.0 to 16.0), Stainless steel: 304, 316, 430 (plate thickness: t0.5 to 12), aluminum, copper

Main processing

Laser cutting, Turret punch, Single press, Press brake, TIG welding, MIG welding (including robot), Spot welding, Fastening, tapping, buffing, hairline polishing, vibration polishing, electropolishing, fiber laser marking


Machining, Various types of plating, Black dyeing, Powder baking coating, Solvent baking coating, Cationic electrodeposition coating, Anodizing, Silk printing, UV printing


Order-made production of precision sheet metal parts, EV proposals for existing parts, import and sales of special materials, proposals for originally designed products such as factory equipment, design and production of sheet metal furniture, design and production of metal novelties, etc.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015 / JIS Q 9001:2015

Business items

Material Procurement/Sales

We procure various types of stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and other nonferrous metal sheets, bolts, nuts, rivets, and other materials from Vietnam and third countries for not only our own use but also for sale within Vietnam. In some cases, we can expect to cut costs significantly by changing to materials that are easy to handle in Vietnam.


We receive drawings from our clients, and our skilled programmers draw net and nest them on virtual plate. Our programmers are well versed in laser processing machines and are highly cost-conscious, pushing the limits of product prices from the time of quotation.

NC Laser Cutting

A single laser cutting machine enables cutting of plate thicknesses from 0.2 mm to about 16 mm. Setting values on machine are changed depending on the season, temperature, material type, and plate thickness, always aiming for the optimum cutting edge surface.

NCT Laser cutting & Punch Processing

This is a combined machine of laser cutting and punching (pressing). We aim for the best finish and the lowest cost by considering which parts should be laser cut, which parts should be punched, and how they should be combined.


Depending on the product, pressing may be more cost-effective than laser processing. It may also be used as a post-processing step after laser processing.

Processing Accuracy Inspection

The processing accuracy of laser cutting and punching is precisely measured by two-dimensional laser irradiation. The measured data is compared with CAD/CAM data. At this time, dimensional differences as small as ±0.05 mm can be identified.


After processing by laser or press, burrs and chips occur on the edge surface. In addition to the human labor force, we pursue cost reduction by introducing fully-automatic deburring machines.


We have a wide variety of bending molds. We can handle complex bending, even from a single piece.


In addition to manual tapping, we have NC tappers that can perform multiple tapping processes simultaneously under computer control. This not only shortens time and cuts costs, but also prevents forgetting to process by hand.


Fastening, which does not use welding or adhesives, provides a clean joint between a nut or boss and a workpiece, and is faster than welding, leading to cost reductions.

TIG/CO2/MAG Welding

Manual welding requires experience more than anything else. Based on the experience and know-how cultivated by skilled workers in Japan, we can provide beautiful weld lines in Vietnam as well.

Spot welding

We have "high quality" and "high efficiency" inverter spot welding machines capable of setting welding conditions for special plating materials. Strength assurance by tensile testing machine is also available.

Robot Welding

From small parts to large parts, we can realize automatic welding with excellent reproducibility and high quality, aiming at further cost reduction.

Surface Treatment

Through cooperation with our suppliers, we can provide surface treatment such as painting, plating, and anodizing.

Dimensional and Visual Inspection

Measuring tools used for dimensional inspections are regularly calibrated in-house and outside the company to ensure that dimensional accuracy is not compromised. In addition to in-house standard tolerances, we can also accommodate the dimensional tolerances of each client's products.

Work samples

Processing scenes